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Red Feather Quilt Project - Update!

This morning I realized that yesterday was exactly one year since I started this project. I thought this would be the perfect time to reflect back and write an update about what has happened since my first post last summer.

As you can see in that screen grab I have received an incredible amount of support! I have lost track of how many people have now messaged or emailed me asking how they can help. I would guess that the number is currently close to 100!

If you follow the hashtag on instagram you can see all of the lovely feathers that have been made throughout this past year.

Many of these were made by me or sent to me, but there were also several other quilts made by other people in Canada and in the US. That means so so much to me! Knowing that people saw value in this project and wanted to continue to spread awareness makes me so happy.

My first quilt was raffled off and the money collected was donated to Awo Taan Emergency Women's Shelter here in Calgary.

My second quilt was given to my sister Alex, who was really my inspiration for this whole project. The red and black colours were chosen because those are her clan colours and the colours in her traditional regalia.

She is going to raffle this quilt off in Whitehorse, Yukon and use the money for a program that helps indigenous women up there called Women of Wisdom.

The third quilt I made was not one to raffle, it was a special one that I wanted to make for Awo Taan Women Shelter. This one I wanted to have a red dress block in the center to be a focal point and show that this quilt was my reconciliation project to honour these missing and murdered women.

In addition to the quilts I have made, there have been other quilts made by others that look amazing!

I am planning on getting back into it and putting together another quilt to be raffled off soon! So if anyone is still looking to help either by making some feathers, contributing other materials like black or red quilting cotton, batting, providing quilting services, or donating cash for these things I am very happy to still accept these donations!

Also if you end up making a quilt yourself I would really love to see it and hear about where the quilt went to.



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